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Greg Lobanov's Wandersong by jouste
Greg Lobanov's Wandersong
Hey guys!

My buddy Greg Lobanov of is working on a really cool project called Wandersong! You play as a super cool little bard dude and sing your way through puzzles and hopefully save the day!

I drew up a couple of his characters here, the main character crooning away of course right next to that grumpy witch Miriam! All above the clouds beside a cool magic castle! Whoah!

So if the idea of singing your way through a very cool adventure has you smiling like me then check out his Kickstarter right here:…

Way to go Greg and good luck!

-jouste the drawbarian
Warbiter the Eyevolleian by jouste
Warbiter the Eyevolleian

It's been a while so I wanted to get out some comfortable and silly stuff! It looks like the mind-boggling, Pink Fields of Pra'dzz better batten down the hatches because the notorious Warbiter is tearing up every outpost he can sink his talon-blade into! 

Being one of the better paid mercenaries of the Grat-Gar region, Warbiter usually rents out a higher end Dirt-Diver Cybeast and usually goes with a "Boomfang" rocket pistol and some extra ammunition. Regardless of his load out, Warbiter always brings his strange biology to the fray with a body that can generate optic organs at an alarming rate, making it very difficult to sneak up on him. Generating clusters of eyeballs also allows Warbiter to create some make shift armor that can handle light projectiles or other superficial altercations as the eyes pop and squish away in impact absorption. His great jaws can chomp right through a light frigate door and the massive teeth marks in his wake gnarl steel into savage signatures of this most malicious merc!

Dirt-Diver Cybeasts are super handy on sandy planets and with their bladed hulls they can tear through the terrain in no time. Warbiter spares no expense when outfitting the scrappy Cybeast with the latest and most up to date cloud-AI war-modules. 

So wish Warbiter luck as he masticates his mercenary mound through many morbid missions!

-jouste the drawbarian
COTND: Dead Ringer Boss Concept by jouste
COTND: Dead Ringer Boss Concept
Hey guys!

So I know the game has been out for a bit but here's the concept art of my favorite design in Crypt of the Necrodancer. It's Dead Ringer! This guy went through a bit of rough work before we decided on this look here. I was playing a lot of Dark Souls 2 at the time and definitely was influenced by their armor designs.

It was a super cool challenge to incorporate a bunch of instrumental elements into this guy and Ted really did a great job getting it into the game and matching it with the pixel artwork.

It was super fun to draw and you better hit up this link here:… to check out the awesome :icontedmartens: animation and pixel art of this very concept! It's been a blast working with those guys.

thanks for checking it out!

-jouste the drawbarian
Ptero-Man w/ Cutlery Gun by jouste
Ptero-Man w/ Cutlery Gun

hey guys!

here's a quick ptero-man I did on live-stream today! Armed with a cutlery gun that "Eats" pretty much any target with a blast of aggressive, overclocked nano-machines that demolish pretty much any matter in seconds! The overclocked machines also burn out fast and ignite targets with some brutal sci-fire!

I do dev-streaming every Wednesday for Viking Squad and It's been awesome! If you are ever interested in checking out how I draw, come on by!…

-jouste the drawbarian

Android Netrunner: Alt-Art Jinteki PE by jouste
Android Netrunner: Alt-Art Jinteki PE
Hey there guys and gals!

So recently I did up some alternate art cards for a charity event located here:… it was super cool because I LOVE android netrunner and actually do a podcast under the Idle Thumbs with a good friend of mine about it called Terminal 7! (located here )

They auction off alternate art cards that are put together by various members of the Netrunner community and all the proceeds go to the Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity to help out some super sick kids. Here's the auction for the cards!…

Any ways it was really neat because we got to pick a pairing for the game's tournament and I drew up both! Here's that nasty Jinteki Personal Evolution Identity personified in a classic, loud, 90's, cyber-samurai! This one was super fun to do and really yanked me back into my earliest influences of art. 

And go play Netrunner cause it's amazing!

-jouste the drawbarian
Hey guys! 

Thanks to the great folks over at the Indie Mega Booth we'll be showing Viking Squad up this year at PAX Prime! 
We are super excited to get our game in front of people again, Pax East this year was great and the games gotten even better since then!
So if any of you guys are hitting up PAX Prime in Seattle this year it would be awesome if you could stop by and say hey! I'll be the bearded loud guy with the bandana showing off our Viking Brawler! Check out our quick look trailer below!

And here's a handy dandy map of finding us! We'll have 2 stations up so bring all your pals and get some Viking Squad done up during your awesome time at PAX!

Thanks a ton everyone! And just a quick note, we do Dev-streaming every Wednesday right here! as well as update our Dev-Blog right here, feel free to check it out if game development interests you at all! I've been with an independent game development team for about 3 years now and it's the best job I'll ever have. I'm always open to answer questions as well! have a good one and thanks for checking out our game!

-jouste the drawbarian
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